September 4, 2014


כן לשלום!

כן להדברות ושיתוף בין העמים!

כן לחיים באחדות בתוך השוני תוך שמירת על ייחודיות כל תרבות

יחד עם הכרה וטיפוח האחדות בינינו!!


למען ילדינו, רשת החיים, וטובת הכלל...







Yes to peace!

yes to crosscultural dialogue and cooperation!

Yes to unity-within-diversity,


July 10, 2014

In these challenging times, when fear, hate and madness seem to set up a major tone we see here, in Israel, an unprecedented growing outpour of powerful voices for peace and unity among Israeli Jews and  Palestinians, voices  that say "enough!!". Enough violence. Enoug...

July 6, 2014

At our historical juncture, the global/planetary nature of our contemporary challenges and their possible solutions are obvious. That is, the personal, social, and natural worlds are increasingly appearing as deeply interconnected. Survival of the human species and sur...

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