Dr. Shulamit Gubkin

Research. Mapping during 2 decades the Emergence of a Movement towards Planetary Consciousness in the Bay area of San Francisco, California (PhD thesis, Sociology, UCBerkeley, Ca., 1995). Particular focus was on depicting the widespread scope of this grassroot movement and in identifying the transpersonal strategies for social action. These strategies draw from a vast number of planetary/sustainability leading activists and an integration of insights from a wide array of sources, such as ancient indigenous and body/mind cosmologies, contemporary shamanism, the "new sciences" (quantum physics, brain research and others),principles of peace and justice activism and the wisdom of the heart, love and compassion.


Body/Spirit Practitioner. Personal energetic balance and integration to promote self-healing ("hands on", "no hands" and Reichian therapy) and support in life transitions; may be combined with cognitive work on unconscious beliefs (guided imagery, positive affirmations), integration of inner selves (PSI), gestalt therapy, psychodrama.


Workshops' facilitator/ Lecturer. Designed to foster the healing of our world by connecting with the wisdom and the power of the feminine principle (latent in men and women alike); development of vision making abilities, will and power and our potential to choose and sustain the attitude of optimism and caring (in action) towards a sustainable world for the coming generations and all of life. Integration of new paradigm theory, transpersonal strategies for social change, principles of planetary activism strategies, and experiential techniques.


Planetary Activist committed to foster the vision of sustainability towards a critical mass and to identify and practice the strategies towards its manifestation.

Personal and Social Healing