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Dr. Shulamit Gubkin

Body/Spirit healing: Primarily hands-on healing work (with/out touch) in order to facilitate energetic balance and ‘return to the center’ of the Self. Once the person is reconnected to her/his center, the High Self (whatever the name preferred for the personal consciousness agent) can direct the now free-flowing energy to address any issue relevant for healing at the moment (physical, mental, emotional, memories, spiritual). During 40 years of experience I have learned and practiced a wide variety of healing methodologies (verbal, clinical, energetic, shamanic and others) which I integrate into the healing encounter, if and when.

Ph.D Research. Mapping during 2 decades the Emergence of a Movement towards Planetary Consciousness in the Bay area of San Francisco, California (PhD thesis, Sociology, U.C. Berkeley, Ca., 1995). Inspired by a profound, life transforming, experience (1980), of the Oneness and interconnectedness of it all, I here devoted myself to finding out how it can be manifested in society. Particular focus was on depicting the widespread scope of this grassroots movement and in identifying the transpersonal strategies for social action to support and foster that which is for the best of all of life. These strategies draw from a vast number of planetary/sustainability leading activists and an integration of insights from a wide array of sources, such as ancient indigenous and body/mind cosmologies, contemporary shamanism, the "new sciences" (quantum physics, brain research and others), principles of peace and justice activism and the wisdom of the heart, love and compassion, with their potential to lead us to mature and self-direct, collectively as one harmonious, cooperative, benevolent human family.

Workshops' facilitator/Lecturer. Designed to foster the healing of our world by connecting with the wisdom and the power of the feminine principle (latent in men and women alike); development of vision making abilities, will and power and our potential to choose and sustain the attitude of optimism and caring (in action) towards a sustainable world for the coming generations and all of life. Integration of new paradigm theory, transpersonal strategies for social change, principles of planetary activism strategies, and experiential techniques. 
Workshops to foster empathic cross cultural communication, empowerment in specific areas, gender dynamics, sustainability—in both academic, community and grassroots settings, in Israel, Mexico and California (each in local language). They vary from a whole semester length to 1 day or even a few hours.
Planetary Activist committed to foster the vision of sustainability towards a critical mass and to identify and practice the strategies towards its manifestation, at a personal and social level.

Personal and Social Healing
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