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Shamanic/Healing studies/trainings:

1984- present   Personal training and collaboration. Master  Psychic Healer, Greg Schelkun. California
1980-2014  Personal shamanic training. With H.I.L (Mai). Guerrero, Mexico
1984  Training. Facilitator. Holotropic Therapy. Dr Stan Grof, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California
1985-1988 Reichian Therapy/Bioenergetics. Dr Ed Jackson. California
1986-1988  Healing Work, Native American Church (Dine Nation) Arizona
1994-2004 Personal Self Integration Training. Julie Grady. Center for Human Potential Sedona, Arizona
2014-2019 Collaboration work in 2 major clinics in Mexico (energy- homeopathy- constellations)
2017  Center for consciousness Development. Amazonas. Peru

Social healing training (besides academic):

1986 - 2007  Cross Cultural Studies program. Doug Boyd. Critical mass/ empathy. Shamanism
1986, 1992, 1997  Empowerment/reconnection group work. Joanna Macy. California/Israel


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