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In these challenging times, when fear, hate and madness seem to set up a major tone we see here, in Israel, an unprecedented growing outpour of powerful voices for peace and unity among Israeli Jews and Palestinians, voices that say "enough!!". Enough violence. Enough bereavement and destruction, enough fear, enough violent handling of conflicts. More and more people recognize our common humanity and our common destiny, within our diversity, and it is a new movement arising powerfully in the web's social networks – not reported at all in the mainstream media.

What's new and impressive is that these do not use leftist rethorics but one of love and harmony, besides the significant momentum it seems to be taking among gowing numbers of people.

Some examples of this significant emergence:

These is a super minimal sample of the awakening that seems to be happening for crosscultural dialogue and coexistence.

  • See in facebbok: בוחרים בחיים - اختيار الحياة - Choose Life Initiative:


Days of fasting in the Jewish and Muslim calendar come together. An opportunity to pause. At home. At work. In the community. To come together in the face of blood, revenge and fear, to a place of looking inwards, taking responsibility, and making a difference. To meeting myself and the other, to be still and to talk to one another. Another chance to choose life. A joint Arab and Jewish initiative that will take place on July 15th, next Tuesday, of a mutual hunger strike against violence. All over the country joint events will take place in the afternoon, of Jews and Arabs, secular and religious, Israelis and Palestinians, to talk, learn and pray. At the end of the events, when the stars come out, an Iftar will take place, a mutual breaking of the fast. We invite you to share, to fast, to look inwards and to initiate a "Choosing Life" event where you live. May we make a difference!

(my note: on that date there's a Jewish fast)


The Orchard of Abraham Initiative:

We are writing to you in these challenging days in the light of the situation exist in our country and facing the wave of violence and hatred to invite us all to remember the brotherhood, unity and love in every moment. Life brought us to live here together, and we must remember that we are all brothers and sisters, and the devotion to the path of patience and love is important, especially in these days. We invite all those that their hearts call them to join together, Jews, Muslims and Christian to an evening of prayer, music, singing and conversation, on Thursday, July 10th at 20:30 in our house (15 Yam Suf street 15 in Jaffa). We will be happy if you could bring musical instruments, poetry, snacks and anything you see fit for this kind of gathering. Feel free to invite your friends. There is no path to Love, Love is the path! With much Love to you all, Ihab and Ora Balha The Orchard of Abraham


Organization: Palestinian Israeli Bereaved Families for peace Initiative:

"Crack in the Wall"

Startin on July 9th they are inviting Israelies and Palestinians, to gather at the" Peace Park" from 18:30-22:00 to dialogue, sharing the common pain, working together to stop the violence and start communicating with empathy. They intend to seat there every day … until there will be peace.


"I choose peace"

There's an initiative running on the web called "I choose peace". People are asked to sign "like". In a few days its numbers are rapidly raising to several thousands.


Spontaneous manifestations

A lot of meetings in different cities, for dialogue. Spontaneous manifestations with signs towards peace and love together in many cities. (no mainstream media cover)

July 8th: Haifa

jewish arabs

July 6th: Thousands protest ‘wave of hate Tel Aviv

peace demonstration

Peace activists and bereaved families call for an end to Jewish-Arab violence as nation seethes over slain teens.

July 2nd: Jerusalem


"Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies"

On july 2nd, day the Jewish kids were found dead, another event "mourning' not taking revenge".


Many reports in the web about people who are meeting "the other" in the midst of war and assert their unity (within diversity).

Ex,: In Yaffo



לרגל המצב - הזמנה לערב בין תרבותי.. بسبب الاوضاع دعوة لليلة متعددة الثقافات

Today at 8:30pm

ים סוף 15 יפו

["in lieu of the situation- invitation to a intercultural meeting"]

Ex. of graphics in the web:

arab jewish children



Statements to Israeli people of Palestinian youth from Gaza asking for new opportunities for life, wanting to end the conflict. (what's new is the web diffusion)


"Hand with hand"

Organization "Hand with hand" (free translation). (NGO that deals with jewish-arab education and operates bilingual schools in different cities.)


11-7 different activities in various parts of Israel with the intention to encourage and strenghten the social fabric between Jews and arabs in Israel, for good neighborhhod and ending hatred and racism. Examples: in Yaffo, in Jerusalem, In Wadi Araa, along highway 65, a human chain holding hands with the motto" neighbors of peace is not a dream." (note: such a chain already took place on 1st day of current violence.)

peace line



NGO Leading leaders for Peace: spreading messages, logos, drawings forcefully evoking peace and unity.

"Enough blood, enough pain, enough violence. Extremists are challenging us, but we must remember that we outnumber them. Let's make our message loud and clear: ENOUGH! We wan to live together in peace. #ItsYaLaTime






"My Light Campaign"

Singer Mira Awad started a open web peace campaign "coexist" asking people to send a picture with some source of light that will be posted.

"My Light Campaign"!mira-awad-peace-campaign/c1r5q


on July 6th


"A couple of Palestinians from the Hebron region and settlers of Gush Etzion visited the home of one of the bereaved families today {kidnapped/murdered youngsters]. Hundreds of Jewish mourners were a bit surprised to witness the intimate talk in both Arabic and Hebrew between the Palestinians and family- huddled on low chairs together. Both Palestinians have known suffering and both have been prisoners in Israeli jails. On the way out the aged grandfather came from his room to shake their hands and was introduced to them. He was very polite and noble. After the initial condolences the grandfather asked if they have hope for peace. One said, "I lost my brother in this conflict, i got shot by a settler - and I dream of peace. If we loose our hope we loose the chance to live". The grandfather listened, his eyes welling up with tears and he swayed closer and closer towards his Palestinian guest. There are places of light, places where hearts touch. "


July 6th:

In Jerusalem Hundred of Arab and Jews against racism, hatred and violence

walking for peace


The principals letter

” Today Eric Saporta, initiated a bilingual school, Kaufman Dove, Director of high school and Denmark, signing a joint statement for high schools in Jerusalem. The statement was signed by 60 school principals from all sectors. We're all excited to hear the comments of Fawzi Abu-Ghosh, Director of the Atarot, high school where he studied the boy Muhammad Abu introduced who was killed brutally. Below we've outlined the plight of. "In light of recent events and the result on the streets of Jerusalem. We, directors of schools in Jerusalem, Jews and Arabs, secular and religious, men and women, to single and unambiguous message: there is no room for incitement against the other, wherever it is. There is no room for damage to property. And most of all – there is no need to harm human life or body. Every one of us to work for the eradication of these phenomena in school together and enlist a task throughout the entire city. I hope that, thanks to the collaboration of Jerusalem crosses all sectors to increase peace and brotherhood in the entire state of Israel, "in the hope of peaceful days.(Translated by Bing)"


Again, this is a very smack sample from material that gets to me only thru my small number of friends I have in my facebook. There is a peace movement here. The press does not mention it all.


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