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Body/ Spirit Healing: I refer to my work as ’energetic balance’, starting usually with a hands-on scanning (touching or not) and proceeding then with what emerges from and flows in the encounter. Being energetically balanced reconnects the person with one’s center. This allows his/hers highest consciousness agent to direct the now free flowing energy to whatever personal need to be addressed and healed. It can be something physical, or emotional, mental construct, a memory, a transgenerational patterned legacy, and more. The process may vary from person to person, and from session to session

My intention is to be a pure instrument of spirit, soft, supportive and as less directive and intrusive as possible. A witness to the healing. 

For the last 30-40 years I’ve been experiencing, learning and co-worked with healers, practitioners, Medicine people, especially in the USA and Mexico. I’ve been trained in a wide variety of healing methodologies (shamanic healing, Holotropic Therapy with Stan Grof, bioenergetics, Personal Self integration, guided imagery, affirmations, Psychodrama as well as varieties of clinical and transpersonal psychology approaches —to name but a few)

 Social Healing

Planetary consciousness is about personal/planetary/social healing, towards becoming whole, so that we manifest the sustainability vision for that which is best for all of life. Inherent to its holistic-integral paradigm, it refers to both fundamental institutional change, a new relation to the Earth and the personal development of human potentials to carry out such a transformation. Given the fundamental and empowering knowledge that our experience of reality is strongly affected by our internalized beliefs, planetary/sustainability activism embraces both personal and social transformation. Such 'new global mind' – and its required social transformation -- evolves as our personal powers of visioning, will, daring and caring evolve synergistically as well.

In workshops, lectures and courses this is carried out by way of a theoretical formulation of the new paradigm, analysis of structural-institutional changes suggested as well as direct personal encounters that promote empathic communication, cooperation and interconnectedness.

Personal and Social Healing

Workshops, Lectures & Courses

Designed to foster empowerment and optimism conducive to a spontaneous and committed contribution to the healing of our world, by connecting with the wisdom and power of the feminine (in men and women alike); as well as to foster empathic crosscultural communication. Main topics: planetary consciousness, transpersonal strategies for social change, wholistic-integral sociology, ecofeminism and sustainability, gender in a global world, stairways to peace – contact, communication compassion.

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