Body-spirit practitioner. Healing, energetic centering, counseling, support in life transitions, personal development.

Individual work may combine energetic mind-body-spirit healing with hands-on-healing, PSI (personal self integration of various "inner selves"), gestalt and psychodrama, creative visualizations and affirmations. Sessions range from one-time to a series of encounters.

 Social Healing

Planetary consciousness is about personal/planetary/social healing, towards becoming whole, so that we manifest the sustainability vision for that which is best for all of life. Inherent to its holistic-integral paradigm, it refers to both fundamental institutional change, a new relation to the Earth and the personal development of human potentials to carry out such a transformation. Given the fundamental and empowering knowledge that our experience of reality is strongly affected by our internalized beliefs, planetary/sustainability activism embraces both personal and social transformation. Such 'new global mind' – and its required social transformation -- evolves as our personal powers of visioning, will, daring and caring evolve synergistically as well.

In workshops, lectures and courses this is carried out by way of a theoretical formulation of the new paradigm, analysis of structural-institutional changes suggested as well as direct personal encounters that promote empathic communication, cooperation and interconnectedness.

Personal and Social Healing

Workshops, Lectures & Courses

Designed to foster empowerment and optimism conducive to a spontaneous and committed contribution to the healing of our world, by connecting with the wisdom and power of the feminine (in men and women alike); as well as to foster empathic crosscultural communication. Main topics: planetary consciousness, transpersonal strategies for social change, wholistic-integral sociology, ecofeminism and sustainability, gender in a global world, stairways to peace – contact, communication compassion.