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Planetary Consciousness
Stairways to Peace: Contact, Communication, Compassion

International Journal of Peace and Development Studies, April 2013


This paper summarizes the peace activism I’ve been engaged in about 15 years of academic teaching in the upper Galilee and which brought me to work these years in Israel.

Together with the theoretical foundation of this work, special emphasis is placed upon the transformational process undergone by Arab and Jewish young adults towards an emerging crosscultural empathy. This brought about  in them a significant experience of unity-within-diversity, suggested as a beginning stepping stone on the road of peace, harmony and cooperation for the best of all of life.


"For ourselves, and for the sake of our children and

their children, let us use our human thrust for creation rather than destruction. Let us teach our sons and daughters that … we have the knowledge and the capacity to survive (and to thrive); that we need not blindly follow our bloodstained path to planetary death… Let us regain our lost sense of wonder and reverence for the miracles of life and love…" ( Rianne Eisler).


"… crucial in this is awakening our will act, joining hands to find the ways the world self-heals: of course, we have no assurance that this will happen in time; if it does not, it will be for lack of political will." (Joanna  Macy)

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Planetary Consciousness
PHD - Planetary Consciousness

Berkeley, California  1995

In this section I present my  thesis towards my PhD degree in Sociology, at the University of California, at Berkeley, started in the mid 1980’s and completed in 1995. In this work  I have described and presented an early map of such a movement, which embraced and formulated the emerging new wholistic paradigm, the ‘global mind change” (in Willis Harman’s terms), which was being manifested in the reported experiences of unitive consciousness among growing numbers of people at the grassroots level, in the sociological gestalt that emerged from the “consciousness movements” of the 1960’s and 1970’s, in the “new sciences”, in conjunction with ancient and indigenous cosmologies.



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